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Flatbed Towing

towing the white car

When your vehicle has been damaged, a flatbed tow is often the safer and sometimes only available option. This is because a flatbed towing service does not require the wheels to spin or the vehicle to be able move at all. This makes it a useful and convenient way to transport a heavily damaged vehicle without putting other road users at risk or damaging the vehicle further. To hire our flatbed towing service, give us a call or send us an email today.


No Damage to Your Vehicle

One of the great benefits to our flatbed towing service is the fact that it will not damage the vehicle further. If you use regular towing methods on a vehicle with a broken axle for example, it can result in further damages. A flatbed truck avoids these as it lifts the vehicle on the truck and then transports it to its final destination without causing more damage. This makes it very effective for a variety of vehicles. The ability to transport a vehicle without damaging it is important as a vehicle that sustains further damage can lead to more complications.


Saves Time

A flatbed towing service is a very quick and convenient process. This means that hiring this service can save you a lot of crucial time. When your vehicle breaks down it can be a verry stressful situation. It is an issue that you will want to resolve quickly so you can continue on with your day without issue. When we arrive on the scene we will simply drive or pull your vehicle onto the truck and then we will drive off. The process is that simple and effective. This means that we can get the job done quickly and you can carry on with your day with ease.



Safety is always a high priority when it comes to the roads. Too many lives are lost in avoidable accidents every year. That is why our flatbed towing is a wise choice. As the vehicle is on the truck and tied down securely it is safe and won't cause an incident. This means that your vehicle, our drivers and other road users are safe and secure. Flatbed towing is a safe and effective way to move a vehicle especially when it is carried out by the trained professionals at Premier Towing Stockton.



One of the reasons that people hire our flatbed towing services is necessity. Some vehicles are too badly damaged to be moved by other towing methods as they may have lost a wheel or damaged their axel. Other vehicles such as farm equipment may require to be transported by a flatbed towing service. If you have a vehicle that is too badly damaged after a crash or a vehicle that cannot be transported normally over roads you should call Premier Towing Stockton for our excellent flatbed towing service.

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